LOL! Lessons On Life

LOL! Lessons on Life

How to Walk Forward in Life
and Succeed

​By LM Moreland

What's In The Book? What's It All About?

This is a question I am asked almost every day when I tell people about LOL! and Ernie the Emu. The most common statement is "I want one, where can I get a copy?"

This book has been written over several years and is based on the many questions I have been asked by young adults or advice I have given. I have attempted to address the most important issues that young adults face as they leave school and start their journey in life. 

The below is just a snippet of each of the chapters. If you like what you see, then pre-order your copy today. 

  1. What’s That You’re Eating?
    The first step to the rest of your life is to start thinking about your own well-being. Are you eating the wrong foods? Do you buy takeaway on a regular basis? Perhaps you enjoy drinking soft drinks or energy drinks. This chapter talks about the importance of nutrition and includes some easy recipes to get you started.
  2. Are You Looking After Yourself?
    In your life journey up to now, you have had others tell you how to behave. You are now in control of your journey. People will tell you what to do for the rest of your life. How you decide to behave is up to you. Your future is in your hands. You and only you are responsible for your actions. Fitness, Personal Hygiene, Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs this is all your choice. Make sure it is the right one.
  3. Be Proud of You - Now!
    Be proud of who you are right now and look forward to the future. We all have room to improve and sometimes the smallest things can make the way we feel about ourselves very different. This chapter discusses how to Be Confident, Dress to Impress, Friendship, Peer Pressure and Bullies.
  4. Plan for the You of Tomorrow
    Today is the first day of the rest of your life and what decisions you make today will impact your tomorrow. So, it is time for you to start putting together a plan. This chapter covers the importance of homework, reaching for the stars, and understanding that with adulthood comes responsibility. .
  5. Go Get That Job!
    Having a job gives you independence and gives you a true sense of self-worth. It gives you a freedom that you haven’t had before. It is such a wonderfully rewarding experience. This chapter will give you the knowledge on how to find and win that job.
  6. Congratulations! You're Employed
    You obviously impressed during the interview and secured your first job. Well done. I'd like to say to you that the hard part is over, but it is only just starting. Now you have to prove yourself and get along with your colleague. This chapter also takes about budget and what to do with all that money.
  7. Freedom on Four Wheels
    The freedom that a driver's license brings you is amazing. But, you need to stop and think about the responsibility this also entails. Freedom is not free of responsibilities. If anything, you now have more obligations than ever before. Be smart, be safe, and use your head. This chapter also covers what you need to know when buying your first motor vehicle.
  8. Moving Out
    Your parents just don’t seem to understand you, they won’t let you have any friends over, and your little sister/brother won’t stop touching your stuff. Maybe you need to get your own place. But how do you do this? Is this the right time? This chapter talks about when is it the right time, what you need and how you find a rental property?
  9. Love
    There are millions of poems and songs written about love. Love is the one emotion in the world that we all want to feel. But before you can truly find love you need to love yourself first. This chapter attempts to explain what love is, how to behave if you like someone and also covers the emotions when you think that no one likes you. And, yes, we also discuss the taboo subject - sex.
  10. Help! I'm In Trouble
    No matter who you are or where you come from there will be a time in your life when you need help. There will be a time when you find yourself in some trouble, and you just don’t know how to get out of it. This chapter is there to help you through these tough times. It’s meant to guide you through what you need to do. I can’t address every problem that could ever happen, but I have tried to help with the most common challenges that life can throw at you.
  11. Parents Only
    I've written this book for young adults aged 15 – 25 in a bid to reach out to them and let them know that they are not alone. This chapter is for the parents of those children. Writing this chapter doesn’t mean I have all the answers because I certainly don’t. We all deal with different situations with our children every day, and I certainly don’t know all the answers. But I do know what doesn’t work, well it didn’t work for my kids, and I just want to share this with you.